Frequently Asked Questions

What are your contact details?

Call (+64) 022 394 0691 or email You can also get in touch via the Contact Us section of this website.

How do I pay for an eLearning course?

For orders less than $1000, our prefered method of payment is online payment by debit/credit card.

If you are buying multiple licences for your team totalling $1000 or more you can choose to pay by either invoice/purchase order or credit/debit card. However, we do require all balances to be paid in advance of learners accessing our eLearning services.

We advocated the invoice limit at $1000 to help minimise the administrative requirements and associated service costs to Holistic Safeguarding.

We do offer the below discounts and bulk purchase pricing can be explored, please Contact Us for details.

  • 10% Discount - 10-50 learning registrations
  • 15% Discount - 51-100 learning registrations
  • 20% Discount - 101+ learning registrations.

I need to purchase multiple courses or multiple licenses for one course for my team. How do I assign these to my team?

  • When purchasing a course, enter the quantity required.
  • Change the “I am buying for” dropdown option to “Others”. 
  • This will give you the ability to assign a registration code to each member of your team, which will allow them to access the eLearning platform and the course purchased.
  • You will need to supply the name of the team member and their email address, so an invite to take the course can be sent to them. 

If you have purchased a course for someone else to take:

  • Visit the “Registration Codes” page of your account. 
  • Select the course, view the details and select “Assign Single Code”. 
  • This will allow you to enter the email address and first/last name of the person you would like to complete the course. 

What are the technical requirements?

Our courses should work in most web browsers, although we recommend that you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari. We recommend installing the latest version of your web browser before beginning your course.

Our courses are compatible with most tablet devices. However, Holistic Safeguarding does not provide full technical support for tablet users. We do not support other mobile devices.

Videos clips hosted via external video sharing site feature in some of our courses. Video playback controls will vary and are dependent on the browser used to take the course and where the video is hosted. If you experience problems with the videos, then we recommend you try taking the course in a different browser.

Having trouble? Try:

  • updating your web browser
  • clearing your cache
  • clearing cookies
  • accepting our cookies (essential cookies are required for the purposes of undertaking our eLearning)
  • turning off private browsing
  • enabling JavaScript
  • permitting access to videos on Vimeo
  • setting the following web domain to ‘trusted’: 

In addition, on an iPad:

  • go to 'Settings'.
  • select 'Safari' from the 'Settings' menu.
  • select 'Request Desktop Website'.
  • switch off 'All Websites' so that the function isn't on
  • relaunch the course in Safari.

The above should fix issues you might experience on iPads with drag and drop and other interactive functions used within courses.

I've registered and bought or completed a course, but I haven't received any email confirmations. Why not?

When you register, buy or complete a course, we'll send you a confirmation email from the following email address: If you don’t receive our email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder, mark it as ‘not junk’ and add us to your list of contacts. If no email has been received, please contact us in case we hold an incorrect email address for you.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password or any account details at any time via the ‘Edit Your Account’ page of your profile.

Do I need to complete the course in one sitting?

No, you can complete the course in your own time. We advocate taking a phased approach with regular breaks as they all support a more qualitative learning experience.   The course is designed so you can take breaks and pick up where you left off.

Remember you also have access after you complete your course, as your full access is for 12 months from your registration date.

I've finished my course. How do I download my certificate?

When you've finished your course, it will display as 'Completed' on your My Learning Record. You can download your personalised certificate by clicking on the link at the foot of the page.

I've completed a course. Can I access it again?

Yes, please do.  We recognise our memories don’t stay as fresh, as when we first complete a course.  It is good practice to refresh knowledge and double-check any points if needed.  Following your purchase, you'll have access to your course for 12 months. You can take it as many times as you like in that time. When you've finished your course, the status will change to 'Completed'. To retake simply click on 'Launch course' to return to your course.

How do I find out about new course content?

If you would like to receive emails about professional training, services and resources that may be relevant to you, please contact us and we will make sure you are added to any applicable mailing lists. You can also like our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to capture all our day-to-day sharing’s.

How do I give you feedback about a course? Is there an evaluation form?

Yes, during the course, there are feedback forms for you to complete, which help to review your pre and post-course learning. 

You may also receive an email around 6 months after you complete a course, asking you to complete a survey on how you've been able to apply your learning to day-to-day practice.

However, at the end of a course, we also include the option to complete a course evaluation form, to capture your thoughts of the course and overall learning experience. Your comments help us to improve our eLearning. If you would like to discuss your feedback, please Contact Us.

Anonymity of Feedback

We do structure our practice survey’s to support anonymity, and we make every effort to maintain this.  However, when compiling data for organisational group registrations, we cannot guarantee that any data or feedback supplied in these processes, which is used and incorporated within that organisation’s analytical data, does not infringe on any anonymity measures.

We can maintain anonymity for the Holistic Safeguarding evaluation data. We are grateful for all feedback received as this helps us to keep our content up to date and relevant.

Can I use these courses outside New Zealand?

We welcome learners from outside New Zealand. However, our eLearning has been written to comply with New Zealand law and guidance. Some eLearning materials and resources may not be compliant with legislation and guidance in force in other countries. All overseas users would have to ensure they are aware of any applicable law and guidance for their country. 

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