Multiple Learners 

For organisations seeking safeguarding learning support, there is often a need for multiple learner registrations.  We recognise this can make accessing learning a costly experience and be an experience where learning resources are not specifically tailored to supporting multiple learner registrations. That’s where Holistic Safeguarding is different.

One of our values is to be ‘Accessible’. As with all our Training and Learning Services, our eLearning in addition to supporting individuals with progressing their Professional Development; is also designed to help organisations have access to qualitative, tailored and cost-effective safeguarding and child/adult protection eLearning for multiple learners.

Our multi-learner structures can support Customers in:

  • Accessing cost-effective whole workforce safeguarding learning support.
  • Having complete control over their course registrations and access (for up to 12 months).
  • Providing a tailored, organisation branded and learner friendly experience for their Learners.
  • Being able to manage their account from within the organisation, from allocating courses access to generating Learner completion reports. 


Firstly, we help make access to our learning cost-effective. Most courses are based against the below multi-learner discount structure. Meaning organisations reduce their cost per Learner from $30 incl.GST, to as little as $24.00 incl.GST per learner depending on the number of learners being registered.

10% Discount - 10-50 Learners / 15% Discount - 51-100 Learners / 20% Discount - 101+ Learners

  Ongoing Access

Learning investments are also complemented with our default provision of all learners receiving ongoing course access for up to 12 months from their registration date. So, even if learners complete in their first month, they still have access to the course material for the remaining 11 months. This way, they can continue to dip in and out of the course as much as they like.

Learners love this feature, as they find it particularly helpful when they want to refresh on a specific point or perhaps re-download a handout, piece of research, etc.  

Organisation’s love this feature, as it means if a staff member is struggling or requires a bit of a refresh, they can either retake a specific module or the whole course again, all with no further cost to the Learner or organisation.

   Multiple Learner Registrations

We’ve also made sure our system supports multi-learner registrations throughout your eLearning needs from ordering your spaces, right through to generating learner completion reports. 

When purchasing eLearning, Customers simply add in the quantity they want and at the ‘I am buying for’ section, select ‘Others’.  When their order is complete, this automatically generates that volume of registration codes. To then enrol their Learner’s, Customers can simply follow one of three easy steps to allocate these registration spaces:

  1. Assign access – create Learners and assign access; or 

  1. Send email invites for Learners to register on their own; or 

  1. Import all their Learners from a CSV file.

Tailored Organisation Access and Registrations

Depending on our Customer’s needs, some Customers prefer the whole process to be tailored, e.g. access and registration.  

For these Customers, we set up their very own course URL. The organisation can then simply quote this URL in all its internal induction and/or learning information. When Learners click on the link, they are directed to that organisation’s eLearning page. This page is completely tailored to the Customer, including the Customer’s branding.  Learners are also provided with a bespoke organisation discount code, which removes any costs. This/along with the URL ensures the Learner’s registration is aligned to the organisation’s account but also enables the Learner to have their own account. Where they then gain access to whichever course (or courses) the organisation has purchased for them.   It may be a course we have developed for the Customer or one/some of our existing courses. 

All of these processes support multiple registrations, ease of access and a tailored experience.  However, it doesn’t stop there... From this main account, as well as allocate access, Customers can directly monitor learner progression and download completion report data. So, Customers can know precisely how their Learners are tracking, all directly by logging into their organisation’s account.

    Learner Friendly

We also support accessibility by ensuring all our eLearning is Learner friendly. We support all learners, irrelevant of their IT skills or experience. As well as being informative, we make sure all courses are interactive, engaging, and reflective of best practice in adult learning.