Safeguarding Staff Learning Options

Welcome to our specialist support for Safeguarding Staff. We've created these specialist learning options for those staff who are supporting their organisation by taking on specific safeguarding roles and responsibilities. These may be by being a Lead/Named/Designated Safeguarding Person/Officer, etc. or by being in safeguarding support staff roles, e.g. a Safeguarding Champion, etc.

We offer our Safeguarding Staff learning via two options - Click on either image to learn more about that study option.

As Safeguarding Staff eLearning (eLearning access only)

eLearning tailored to guide Learners through their safeguarding role and strategic and operational responsibilities. Whilst covering both strategic and operational responsibilities, our eLearning option does primarily focus on organisational and strategic responsibilities. We achieve this by focusing on the individual and organisational safeguarding responsibilities aligned to the 5 Core Components of Safeguarding. 

This learning option can be ideal for those Safeguarding Staff who are confident in their operational responsibilities but wish to support the development of their organisation safeguarding practice and/or are undertaking refresher learning.

As Safeguarding Staff Blended Learning (eLearning and online class access)

A learning package encompassing our Safeguarding Staff eLearning course and access to our 2-hour Safeguarding Staff Online Class delivered via our virtual classroom.

The addition of our Safeguarding Staff Online Class provides Learners with the opportunity to practically explore their operational responsibilities in more detail. For example, providing staff with safeguarding advice and guidance, making decisions on any reported concerns, etc.  We achieve this by our multi-agency Safeguarding Staff Learners working together to explore various case scenarios and how these may be responded to should they occur with the Learner's organisation.

This learning option is a great option for Learners who are new to their Safeguarding Role, wish to develop their Safeguarding Staff peer network and/or who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills across all elements of their responsibilities.