Child Safe Safer Recruitment

The Children's Act 2014 has child protection and safety check requirements. However, these have significant gaps that continue to leave organisations, staff, and children exposed to risks of exploitation by an unsafe person.

Safeguarding best practice for organisations supporting children and their families is applying Child Safe Safer Recruitment, which helps mitigate exploitation risks and is a fundamental element of being a child safe organisation.

This specialist, 2-hour eLearning, guides Learners through the A-z of Child Safe Safer Recruitment and, critically, why these requirements are needed. Learners explore recruitment processes that:

• Are child-focused.

Help to deter unsafe people from targeting your organisation.

Support identifying and screening out unsuitable people.

• Assist in engaging those who align with your organisation's culture, values and needs.

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Multiple Learners

This course supports multiple learners and Registrations Codes are generated automatically for orders of 2 or more. 

This eLearning is exempt from multiple learner discounts due to being a specialist course.

Another cost-effective option for large organisations/those supporting a sector can be purchasing this as a tailored LMS-ready eLearning product for internal hosting. Please contact us for this option.

Who This Course is For...

Who This Course is For...

Governance/Senior Leadership

Those staff who are in a position of being able to influence their organisation's culture.

HUman Resource Leadership and STaff

Those staff who lead or support their organisation's recruitment policies and processes.

Managers and Supervisors

Those staff who have recruitment as a key aspect of their position responsibilities.


Expert eLearning and practical resources supporting the application of learning.


Explore the different stages and elements of child safe safer recruitment, from identifying a recruitment need to onboarding a successful candidate.


Take a phased approach, picking up where you left off and enjoy ongoing access for up to 12 months from your registration.


Receive a personal certificate of achievement that also details the course aim, learning objectives and study time (2 hours).