Child Safety for Governance and Leadership

We are proud to be New Zealand's only provider of child safeguarding and protection training specifically tailored to supporting Governance and Senior Leadership. 

Identifying how child safety relates to Governance and Leadership roles and responsibilities can be challenging. Yet it is vital, as Governance and Leadership are the foundation and drive for an organisation's child safeguarding practices and culture.

This engaging and informative 1.5 hour course will guide Executive Staff through their particular child safety roles and responsibilities in relation to the core requirements of being a Child Safe Organisation as per the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Although this course is tailored to supporting Governance and Leadership, it can also serve as a great awareness course for organisation staff in designated safeguarding and protection roles or with specific child safeguarding and protection responsibilities.

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Multiple Learners

This course supports multiple learner registrations. Codes are automatically generated for orders of 2 or more. However, due to being a specialist course, this eLearning is exempt from multiple learner discounts.


  • The elements needed to create a safeguarding culture.
  • International and national child safeguarding legislative requirements.
  • The 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.
  • Executive child safety obligations, roles and responsibilities.
  • The main organisational child safety risks and approaches to being child safe.
  • Practical steps for taking forward child safety practices and a safeguarding culture.
  • Strategies for supporting continuous improvement.


Expert eLearning and practical resources supporting the application of learning.


Explore what being a child safe organisation looks like and how those child safety roles and responsibilities relate to Governance and Leadership. 


Take a phased approach, picking up where you left off and enjoy ongoing access for up to 12 months from your registration.


Receive a personal certificate of achievement that also details the course aim, learning objectives and study time (1.5 hours).

Child Safe Organisation Principles