Policy Breach Guidance


Guidance on Child Safety Policy Breaches

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Risk mitigiation and compliance with child safety policies and procedures are significant factors in being a child safe organisation and upholding best practice safeguarding and child protection strategies. This FREE resource supports child safety risk mitigation relating to breaches in child safety policies and procedures.

Even with the best safeguarding policies and systems in place, things can happen that result in practice expectations not being met, or the advocated expectations not best serving the scenario being presented. Part of having a safeguarding culture is being realistic to this challenges occuring and having structures in place to respond effectively and in a manner that supports child safety continuous improvement.

This FREE resource offers a basic guide on the purpose of having Safeguarding Policy Breach processes in place, and points for consideration when taking this development forward. It captures some of the - Safeguards, Points for Consideration, Data to Capture and Data Use.

Other FREE Resources

Aotearoa Support Services Resource

Available for Purchase

Available for purchase, our Sport and Recreation Safeguarding Toolkit has been well received in Aotearoa and overseas! It is also a resource that some customers have taken forward as a tailored resource specific to their sport.

The Toolkit offers a step-by-step approach to creating the foundations of a safeguarding culture and the practical guidance and resources needed to strengthen individual safeguards and help take these forward.

For less than a staff member attending a 1-day course, you can support your whole organisation in making child safeguarding part of everyday thinking, practice and culture. Take a proportionate approach applicable to your organisation’s needs, scope, resources, abilities and timeline.