Early Years Safeguarding and Child Protection eLearning

We are the proud pioneers of supporting Aotearoa's Early Years sector with tailored safeguarding and child protection eLearning and our Early Years Safeguarding and Child Protection eLearning continues to be hugely popular.

This course ensures child protection requirements don't remain theoretical and staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to apply their safeguarding requirements in everyday thinking and practice. Many learners evaluate the course highly, particularly in relationship to helping them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and respond to any child well-being concerns or possible allegations against staff. This eLearning is specifically tailored to early years professionals, organisations and those supporting the early years sector. It can support staff across all working levels and can serve as new or refresher learning

Based on the main Rs of child protection, this engaging, interactive, and highly evaluated course will guide Learners through:

  • Recognising Concerns
  • Responding to Concerns Safely
  • Reporting Concerns (Internally) and Referring Concerns (Externally)
  • Recording Concerns

Learners also explore the fundamentals of safeguarding being a shared workforce responsibility and creating a safer organisation for everyone - children, staff and the organisation.

Incl. GST $40.00

10-15% Discounts are automatically applied for multiple learner registrations.

Alternatively, organisations can enquire about purchasing this course as a tailored LMS-ready eLearning product for internal hosting. Please contact us for further details on this option.

10% Discount

20-50 Learner Registrations


Incl. GST Per Learner

15% Discount

51+ Learner Registrations


Incl. GST Per Learner


Expert eLearning and practical resources supporting the application of learning.


Explore the following all in a manner tailored to early years:

- The main Rs of child protection.

- How safeguarding is a shared responsibility; and 

- The fundamentals of creating a safeguarding culture.


Take a phased approach, picking up where you left off and enjoy ongoing access for up to 12 months from your registration.


Receive a personal certificate of achievement that also details the course aim, learning objectives and study time (3.5 hours).

For all early years professionals and organisations...

Although not exclusive, Professional examples include early childhood: 

Consultants / Educators / Kaiako / Relievers / Service Managers / Headteachers / Teachers / Teachers in Training / Support staff / Child Development Specialists / Family Support Workers / Learning Mentors / Nannies/Au-pairs; Play Specialists / Pregnancy and Health Professionals / Therapists.

Although not exclusive, Organisation examples include:

Childcare Centres / Community Services / Schools / Daycare / ECE / Kindergarten/ Montessori / Associations, Advisory and Leadership Groups / Councils / Federations / Early years Health, Hospital and Care Services / Government Ministries / Home-based providers / Independent Professionals / NGO's / Nurseries / Playcentres / Pregnancy Services / Te Kohanga Reo and many more.

Meet Some of Our Early Years eLearning Whānau 

Te Hiko
Te Hiko

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